Spring, when I was at home

I am in Dhaka since 2004 about 5 years. Before 2003 I live at Dewangonj, an upazilla of Jamalpur. There I used my bicycle to go to my college and also for other works. And there I found that spring has a lot of effect to the cycle :P. It took more than 30minutes to go to my college normally. And in between this road I have to go to cross a lot of big fields and there was no home and also there only crops, no big trees and also home. In the time of spring when it took only 15 minutes to went to college because the strong air of spring in favor of me. Butttt it was too difficult to came back to home. For the disfavor of air it was very difficult to ride the cycle. And for the convenience of our we came home by walking instead of riding the cycle. This was the situation of the spring at my home and I never forget these situations. How the citizens of Dhaka feel Falgun…They feel it by date, not environmentally. They enjoy the spring only at one day and the people of suburbs feel it everyday. They see the new leaves of trees, they feel the air of spring, they feel the very good environment (not hot not cool) of spring….I missed my spring at home….Every time I want to back that place…….


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