Valentine Day, me and my friends

Valentine day is the day for the lovers. Now a days, couples are waited to celebrated it for the whole year.In Bangladesh this is started by the Shafiq Rehman in early nineties. By the way, what i wanna say, this is a day for the couples. Now I am writing some experience of my friends who have lovers. All of this friends are boys and they have girlfriend.
Friend X
This friend start his relationship by mobile (bless of technology) and after ½ or two month they met with each other. This friend is all time one of the best topic to spend our time in gossiping period. Because he became the obidient husband :P. Became husband before marriage. Before his relationship he spend most of the time with us. But recently we saw that he tries to avoid us. Most probably he has a strong advice that don’t spend more time with your friend. And as far as he is very busy today and most probably yesterday also. Our one of the best couple right now. Have a good day X :).
Friend Y
This friends history I don’t know a lot. Just I saw he talks with his girlfriend. But I am sure that he has a busy day today.
Friend Z
This friend I don’t know, what his plan actually today. I heard that, he don’t has a good relationship with her girlfriend. But I think he has a program today. It doesn’t matter to a arrange a girl for valentine day. Z, are you got any valentine for today?
Friend A
This one is also become a good topic when we started gossiping. He has girlfriend in her mind not in mouth. He had a very sad love story, before start affair with that girl :P. Ok, by the way, as far as I heard he send a message to that girl every night. Most probably his today’s program will be send more messages than other day.
I don’t have any program for today. But I actually I trying to get the news of those buddies who has a very busy day today and planning next years program based on these guys performance.
I also have a lot of friends. These are all of my university friends and they has or had or possibility of has the relationship.I don’t welcome the valentine. I think in this day is enough to make a boys pocket make blank :P. And I am free of these……Yahhoooooooooooooo…….


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