Famine of 1974

Bangaldesh is place of disaster. Since the early period peoples of Bangladesh are facing the disaster and they bravely suffer from it. One of the main disaster of Bangladesh history is Famine of 1974. Yesterday I when talked with my uncle he said something about that and also said at that his family situation.
My uncle was a teacher of a high school in his village and also a very respectful person at that village. He said that, the famine occurred for the flood. It lasted for 72 days.:O. The situation at that time is like that, the most richest person of that village also suffer for the food shortage. He said a story of his family.
According to him, that was the Ramazan period, at that time when all members of his family take starving (Roza) with his 6 years old child. At 4-5 P.M. aunt said that there is nothing to take Iftar(food take to break starving). Uncle said to his younger brother to go to the market and took some money from a person with whose he talked before and buy something for the home. But unfortunately his brother come without anything, because the was also don’t have money. It was 1 hour before the iftar. And after seeing this situation his 6 years old child said that,”shall we starving for the night also (amra ki tahole raiter jonnow uposh thakbo):(“. And seeing this situation he went to bazar to collect something. He directly went to a shopkeeper for lending some money. He said,”Give me 50 tk.”. The shopkeeper just saw him and didn’t do anything. He asked the shopkeeper again. But he was also unable to gave him the money. Unfortunately a postman also looking for uncle and found him in front of the shop. He said that,”you have a money order.” Uncle became astonished and said,”are you joking with me? I have no one who may send money by post”. But that was true. His mother-in-law sent some money for shopping for the Eid(a festival).
Actually my uncle saved for that day. But a lot of people didn’t find a little amount of food in those days. They took starving 2-3 days.


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