How I am in IUB???

Actually I didn’t ever thinking that, I would be in a private university. Because my families financial condition is not that much fruitful .But the true is that now I am in a top class private university in Bangladesh. Actually I admitted in this university without any preparation. I was a confused man like my father and now may be little bit less. Ok, the thing is that, before this university I admitted one more university, Jagannath University and I passed the admission in SUST. But I didn’t allow to admit there, because that is outside of Dhaka and then I admitted in Jagannath University in major of Chemistry. I also attend the class there about two months. I enjoyed the class there, but suddenly one day my maternal said that,”Do heard about Independent University, Bangladesh(IUB)”. I said,”no”. He said that, try to find out that university and take some informations about that. But the true is that, I didn’t able to find out that university. No one knows this university. Yes, it is true. The officials of IUB alltime say that, is one of the leading universities of Bangladesh, but still it is difficult to find where is IUB?? Back to the main topic, then my uncle gave a card of his friend who works in IUB. In card I saw that, it situated in Baridhara. I again became frustrated that, I didn’t know Baridhara. After a few days, my father had come dhaka for his official work and uncle said my father to saw the university. I first came IUB with my father and astonishingly he bought a form for me. I filled it and after two days I took part in admission eaxam. I passed the exam and after the publication of the result there also happened big history. May be that I shall write in another post. Then I admitted in IUB. I would like thank God that, I am still continuing my study in this expensive University..


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