Some rare pics of Obama

Yesterday I got some rare images of Barack obama and I think that this picture should be shown to all. That’s why I published all of the pictures.Obama1

All this pictures I collected from Sujan Bhai


2 thoughts on “Some rare pics of Obama

  1. I allways said someone who would get up and tell it like it is would win and I do believe this man has the peole,s interest at heart. All the american people. For that matter he is a kind and honest assuring man and Bill Clinton has no right saying any thing at all about President Barak Obam. He had his chance now he can go on and shut up he and the George Bushes left all these depts and lost a lot of American jobs and lined there pockets.

    Now Some one we all elected is up for us the people. So all you has beens sit down shut up and let the rest of us help President Barak Obama straiten out all your selling off of our country’s jobs and fighting all other countrys wars. Dont think we don’t know Bill Clinton you just wanted some line light. He knows how to talk to Americans he don’t need you Lieing face saying any thing against him. You need to go home and take care of your own Labeto!

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