How I come to web development

Actually I am a student of ETE and after doing two years I found that, it is a very narrow field. That’s why it’s become difficult to get any job for me as an unconfident guy. I like to do experimental work based on that work in where I can see the output also. I n this field I found some topic but I also found that there is no real output. I became frustated, but I like to do that kind of work. After few months of frustating I saw a notice on the notice board which was on E-learning. I talk with the instructor of that course and said that I am interested on it. The instructor was khalid bhai. Then in the first he came with other person Jewel bhai. I thought there I learn to do research work but there I they said that you also need to learn web development for this. I get some curiosity before on it and practically I saw that the output of this work come just at the same time. Actually what I want..But unfortunately I can’t able to continue the work because the time was very odd. Actually I have to go for the tutionship at that time. But I had the curiosity. I just wait for the way how to learn the web development. After a few months I heard from Avijit that, jewel bhai needs some people for a project. I came and joined with him and step by step still I learning it.


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