Interesting Groups In Facebook

Since 2007 I am a member of facebook. By this time actually I play fighter jets a lot. I really use this social network for spreading an event of us SECS OPEN DAYZ . This was occurred in August, 2008.
I also found some interesting groups in facebook. One of them is sad but true. Here I found a lot of images and all the image shown the mistakes of our daily life like the name “SAD BUT TRUE”. This group became famous. Some times I saw some of the popular magazines of Bangladesh take pictures from here to show some criticism of Bangladeshi culture.sad but true You find lot of this kind of pictures from here :P.

Another Group is DHAKA – 400 years History in Photographs. It has a lot of rare collection photos of Dhaka. if you see this kind of photos you may be become astonished by thinking that how Dhaka was and now it is.dacca-old-airport This is the image Dhaka old airport. If you interested on this kind of image and history go to this site.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Groups In Facebook

  1. Hello Mr. K. Rahman,

    Nice job really I like this kind of pictures of my country.

    Abdullah Ahmed.

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