Problems In Kamalapur Railway Station

My hometown is Dewangonj and it situated a little bit northside from the district Jamalpur. The only convenient transportation is the train to reach that place. So I have to to the Kamalapur Railway Station for many reasons occasionally. I have found some problems of this station and the problems are different for different needs.

  • If I want to buy the tickets…The problems are…

1. Que line: For buying the ticket we have to follow a line and in this station the structure of lining is pretty good I think. In front of every ticket counter there is a barricade which means , in one side you enter for buying ticket and after buying the ticket you go out by other side. But the problem is peoples don’t follow this rule and they stand the line in both sides for buying the ticket. At last, it make a horrible situation. Every times, when I go for buying the tickets I don’t feel that much well for this situation. So, my suggestion to the railway officials to allocate some people to follow this rule.
2.Money Back: This is one of the big problems in this station. If you go for buying the tickets please take the same amount of money. If you the note then it creates a lot of problem to money back. For example, the last day when I bought the ticket I found that it costs tk.620 and I have only 1000 tk note. Then, the counterman wanted 20tk, that’s why he gave me 400tk. But unfortunately I didn’t have that and he refused me to give the tickets. For the twenty taka I had to buy a magazine which also cost twenty taka and the hawker able to gave back the money. In Bangladesh without this kind of government origination’s if you buy something which costs 620tk and I am 100% sure you will get back the money.
3. Service: Sometimes I saw that, ticket sellers behavior is not appropriate with the customer.

Kamlapur Railway Station

  • If I go to receive someone…

Here the main problem is the timing. Every train has the schedule to arrive at the station. But there I found that, most of the time, the timing is not perfect and there is no very good information center from where may I get the timing. I have some experience that, where the right time is 8:30 P.M. and it reaches 12:30 a.m.

My suggestion to the railway department is

Make a web based solution team where people can buy the ticket from website beside the counter. For the timing it changed time to time. For the information, make a information center like call center. Beside this for the information in website add a link like live chat option with the railway official. For DIGITAL BANGLADESH all time we want to see everything in digital. Government can start it by the railway division by following these rules.                                                                Photo Curtesy:


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