Update your status from your PC, But Facebook shows it from mobile :P

Recently I have seen that a lot of young generarion people’s using mobile internet and they shown it to other’s by using the facebook. In facebook if anyone change his status then it shows that the status is changed from mobile internet. The last week from Jewel bhai got that it can be changed by the PC also and now I change my status from my PC but in facebook it shows that this status is updated from mobile. The steps of to do this thing are:

  1. At first open the facebook and then login.Then in address bar where “www.facebook.com” is written changed it to “m.facebook.com” .

    facebook mobile status 1
    facebook mobile status 1
  2. Now you get the mobile version of facebook and form here just change the status.

    facebook mobile status 2
    facebook mobile status 2
  3. Wait till the confirmation that “Your status has been updated“.

    facebook mobile status 3
    facebook mobile status 3
  4. After get this confirmation again go back to the “www.facebook.com” and see your status is from mobile :).

    facebook mobile status 4
    facebook mobile status 4

Be a mobile internet user without having high qualified mobile :P. Enjoy……….


One thought on “Update your status from your PC, But Facebook shows it from mobile :P

  1. Shaon,

    This is a good observation! Indeed, there is no wrong what FB is showing as you are using mobile page to update your status. Fb doesn’t check whether you are using mobile or pc, rather it checks if you are using m.facebook.com. on mobile it redirects facebook.com to m.facebook.com.

    Anyways, keep searching for such thing like this 🙂 good post indeed 🙂

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