the day of storm has started

The stormy day has started. From the day before yesterday it started and the hot weather is becoming cool. The first day’s rain was very cool. It had the ice with it and the length of the rain was also long. Beside it also create some problems. When the rain was started, the electricity was gone and five hours later it has come back. And now I am thinking about that, if it is happen in the city, what is the situation in other part of Bangladesh. Now I am comparing the storm between my village and the city. I spent my most significant time in the suburb and the house where I lived it had the tin made roof. It was really enjoyable to heard the sound of the rain and the other thing is that, in this time a lot of mango is found on the tree and they are dropped from the tree for the storm. We went to collect it just after the storm, some peoples were collect it in the storm time. As a result all time I found a few amount of mango :(. Other thing is that, the result of this kind of storm is found in this kind of area…after the storm we saw that a lot of trees size become unsize…..But from it is difficult to find and it is not so much enjoyable from Dhaka.


One thought on “the day of storm has started

  1. Electricity problem is something making life like in a hell. Minimum five hours power cut every single day. Life becomes impossible to enjoy! Anyway, i’m from dhaka, too. My home is tin-shade that means roof is made of tin, as you said your home in the village was. But my bad luck, i can’t enjoy the rainy days, as several holes exist in tin-made roof. So, rain-drops fall inside house. Moreover, yesterday’s hail – storm with ice — made us wierd that the roof may break down. The hard ice left our roof spoilt and made many more holes. I was so depressed seeing the buildings around us. They’re enjoying the weather and they have nothing to worry while we were anxious. Poverty differed us from them.

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