Hello May…

After about one month again I am starting to write on my blog 🙂 and it is May.  IUB sucks me this one month. I didn’t find any day where I didn’t have any academic activities, exams, presentations ufffffffff. At last I safe from it. Already on a previous post I wrote that, this will be my worst semester and yes, it is becoming my most worst semester in my IUB life. Actually I don’t understand why this is happening. Is it my problem or the problem of instructor……. By the way, I completed all of my exams yesterday 🙂 and it takes two days more than the scheduled time. This is first time I am eagerly wanted that when the exam will completed. Actually, mind is not supporting to read. It is all time saying when it is  completed. Most probably this were my last written exams. Because, next semester I sit on a course which is experinmental based. And now the time to find out the intern…Can anyone give the intern on a good post in a mobile operator company. I need to learn something technical from there, not data entry..


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