Tour of unknown archeological places of Bangladesh

Last month(April 17,2009) I with a lot of senior and junior friends of IUB Engineering Department went for an outing. We went to two Jamidar Bari(Landlord Palace) and these are  Baliadi Palace and another is Pakutia. These are very unknown archeological places of Bangladesh. And the information of these hidden places, we got from our Director of School of Engineering and Computer Science(SECS) Dr. Maohammed Anwer. Actually he organized this outing and also work as a guide of this tour.

  • Baliadi Palace

This palace is situated in Baliadi under Saturia thana in Manikgonj. It is a very specticular place. Actually it is difficult to find these kind of place at this kind of place. This place is consist of seven buildings and the structure of  these buildings are amusing and it has a pond which has seven ghats, that’s why the name of this pond is satghata dighi. Actually the history was in that palace seven brothers lived and for that it has seven buildings and for their wives they made the pond which had seven ghats. This place is now is taken by archeological department and they take care of it..

  • Pakutia Jamidarbari

Now it is used as a college. The name of this college is Pakutia BCRG Degree College. It is 8km away of Baliadi palace and situated in Tangail :O. The structure of this palace is also good. It has a big field and we played different types of games there.

These outing is arranged for having a good program organized by CECS which is called Bangla Utshab. After having a lot of masti in whole days, we back to home at the evening. I must thank those for whose the Bangla Utshab successfully completed and thanks to Anwer Sir to organize this different types of tour.

Photocredits goes to Shishir, Farhat, Nafisa..


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