What Banglalink is actually doing….

banglalinkI am a regular Banglalink sim user, that means I alltime using Banglalink since 2007. But recently some of there decision make me astonished or I am little bit confused that what they are doing? I realized that, recently the call rate is become higher than ago. Some of there work make me angry also. For example, Banglalink has a monthly bonus based on callback on that phone and that bonus minutes are only usable for the other operators only. But few months ago, I realized that it doesn’t work for the other operator’s and it only work for the this network only. And they did this work without any announcement. Now, in this month I am seeing that, the bonus minutes don’t come yet and I think that this will not come. Because they are doing this kind of things before without announcement. And now my question is that, how they can do this kind of change by avoiding the valuable customer(according to them)? I see that, they send the messages to every customer when they create a new offer, but they don’t need to send any messages to the customer for any change. As customer, I must need to know what change will be there. They made big big add for new offer, they care the customers. But the real word is that, this all are show up…and fake…


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