May be I am starting Bangla Blogging…

Yesterday I have attended a program which was organized by prothom-aloblog. That was a very interesting program I think. I am little bit introvert type of guy and don’t want to talk by myself with other’s. And here I feel that everyone talks with everyone even me also. This event organized for giving the gift to story and poem writter and another part is for the book summary. One of my friends Sheriff Al Sire got a prize in the story writing event and for this reason I went there. I met with a lot of Bangla bloggers there and everyone feel proud that they are blogger :D. In introducing part everyone said their name, blogging name and their occupation. And the astonished thing is that, everyone know each other by their blogging name which is not possible in wordpress. This is a big community and it is appreciable. Unfortunately, I don’t have any account in prothom-aloblog, that’s why I couldn’t able to gave my blog name. But I like this community and that’s why think I shall open an account in prothom-aloblog.

prothom alo auditorium


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