Instruction of using BTCL dial up internet service..

I am using dial up internet service since 2007 and for that I used internet cards and these are provided by different ISPs. Yesterday I went to BTCL Maghbazar office and there I found that they provided a type of dial up service which is very friendly for the user I think. Here I give the details for using the BTCL dial up internet service.
BTCL has two type of internet service.

  1. Standard Service
  2. Premium Service

Here the details…..

Standard Service: For using this internet people have to fill up a form like all government office. This is very traditional and disturbing. I don’t support to use this internet service.

Rates: 40 paisa/min (peak hour)
30 paisa/min (offpeak hour)
and for every hit it takes 1.5 taka

The main interesting thing is that, for this internet service BTCL provide another bill which is not included with telephone bill.

Premium Service: This is the best dial up internet  service I think. Just put the hunting number , user name, password and you are connected… And you don’t need to registered. In other hand, I think it is cheaper than other dial up services. So at first let see the rates..

Rates: 15 paisa/min (peak hour -08am-08pm)
10 paisa/min (off peak hour-08pm-08am and govt.  holiday)
and no money reduction for every hit.

And now let go to the main place how to connected in this internet service…

Access (Hunting) Code:  0101234,  Username: btcl,  Password: btcl

These are all about the connectivity of BTCL dial up service..

Be sure that for this connection you need to have a modem..


4 thoughts on “Instruction of using BTCL dial up internet service..

  1. @ kouser…for standard will get the extra bill with your telephone bill…
    for premium service….the bill add with the normal telephone bill…

    and for paying and getting the bill…it as like the normal bill…whether it is on the bank or any service provider like atm, gp etc…

  2. BTCL premium service is one of the worst net service of the world.

    1.2-4 kb per sec and too much disconnect problem.

    And bill is still too much. Last month I got 8056 tk phone bill.

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