First Day Experience when time is one hour ahead

Today was the first day on DST timing system. It was little bit confusing for the people of Bangladesh. Today I walk up at 07:00 o’clock and when I saw the outside I felt that it is not that much shiny here. After a few times remembered that it is 1 hour ahead now. At 10:00 I again forgot and felt that, the sun is not that much shiny today and again when got that I thought that, it would be pretty difficult to adjust with this. Main interesting thing was happened on my lunch time. Normally I take my at 14:00 hours when I am in home. But accordingly to new system the time would be 15:00. But I can’t able to wait till that time :D. That means I took my lunch at 14:15. The prayer time has increased one hour also. But I heard the azan of ASAR at 17:00, which done mistacally by the Muazzin. Lastly, I feel the when the sun sets it was 20:00 hours and I was thinking, “how is it possible at 18:00 it just sun sets?” Today I went to Kamalapur for taking an important document of me, which was coming by the train. The right time of the train is 20:00 hours and normally it arrives 20:30 hours and according to the new DST system it also supposed to be reached at that time. But it has come 21:30, may be the railway is following the old time :O . I am a type of boy who follows early to bed and early to rise. Normally I go to bed at 10:00-11:00pm. It is now 11:00 pm and still I don’t feel that much sleep on my eye. At last, I would like to say that, I am supporting this system very much, because it is good for my type people who follows early to bed and early to rise ;).


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