Experience @ HSBC’s Shantinagar Booth

Recently I have pushed to create an account at HSBC from my office. Actually I didn’t want to create the account because of its few branch and booth in Dhaka city. I love DBBL more than that for its ATM booths. Now I want to compare this two banks. I have created my DBBL account about two years ago. All time I withdraw my money from DBBL booths. It is very heard that I found machine of DBBL is not working or don’t have the money. I don’t want to say that DBBL doesn’t have this type of problem. Yes, they have the problem, but you can find another booth within 10 minutes of walking. In comparison, I have found HSBC is a problem. I want to say what is the problem is actually is? 25 th of last mont(25 th JULY)h I went to ATM booth of Shantinagar branch at 5:00 PM and found that it is not working. I phoned to the responsible number and no one received that call. After waiting two hours I again went there and found same problem again. Next experience is that, I went that booth again yesterday (24th August) and found same problem again. This is really the harassment for the client. Because the other booths are situated in Motijheel and Banassree, which I think too much far from Shantinagar. This is actually HSBC’s performance. Please HSBC  try to increase your booths and give us a good service. I didn’t expect this type of performance from HSBC Bangladesh.


One thought on “Experience @ HSBC’s Shantinagar Booth

  1. Dear Shawon,

    May b HSBC luck doesn’t favour with u… Always remember that HSBC never focused their banking on local regular population. They are massively dealing with corporotae population such as million, billion, trillion ….. so, it’s very simple… AND For DBBL, this is the only bank which has much more account more than it’s population & fund liquidity… so far i found, DBBL has highest no. of ATM problem history….

    Lastly I can suggest u ….. have u ever been tried with BRAC BANK ??? ….. i m using last 6 years & NO complain / harrasment found…. u may also use EBL / SCB …

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