Facebook statistics :: Bangladesh

Last few days I was doing a work based on facebook users. And there I found some interesting results from facebook such as total facebook user is more than internet user etc. I have decided to write something about this findings. At first I would like to say the total internet user in Bangladesh. According to ITU Bangladesh has 617300 internet users till July, 2010. But interestingly I have found that the number of facebook user is more than the total internet user in Bangladesh. The total facebook user in Bangladesh is 1,020,560, which is 165% higher than the internet user. That means every internet connection has 1.6 facebook user. Ok, let me see the total overview of my findings. Be sure that all the statistics are based on Bangladesh.

Total facebook user : 1,020,560

Number of male user: 749,320(73.42%)

Number of female user: 260,660(25.54%)

Relationship Status :



In a relationship-58,880


Education status:

University graduate-199,860

At university-19,120

At secondary school-6,400

User’s based on age

Age user Percentage
13-17 99,400 9.739751
18-24 507,080 49.68645
25-30 257,980 25.27828
31-45 135,320 13.25939
46-55 12,160 1.191503
56 up 4,000 0.391942

This all about what I have done. You can easily understand from the above statistics that, peoples here aren’t interested to fill about their educational status and also the relationship status. But about the users age ranking it is pretty clear that every thing is correct because facebook couldn’t allow user without age and also gender. So facebook should also be  strict for educational and relationship status. All the datas are collected from facebook.  Ting ting 😉


Bangla Utshab

Bangla Utshab

First time in Independent University,Bangladesh(IUB) celebrated Bangla Utshab organized by Club of Engineering and Computer Science(CECS). IUB is a private and also an English medium university. According to the people’s of Bangladesh, they think that private university students follow the western culture and they avoid the bangla culture. In other hands, people think that, engineers are not creative and they don’t have any connection with the world without educational purposes. Both of these two sides we want to prove that, private university students all time follow the bangla culture and engineers are creative. This program is totally bangla program and all the words will be use in bangla. We have a lot of events here and think that most interesting thing will be the funny debate, drama.For update about the program please visit here .

The event will be held on 5th April, 2009 Sunday.

Venue: Ground Floor(C-8),
School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS),
Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)
Road: 14/2-A, Baridhara North Road,
Baridhara, Dhaka.

This program is organized by
Club of Engineering and Computer Science

I am back

After a big gap, I am writing on this. Actually this gap is started from when I lost my internet connection in home 😦 . I am using prepaid dial up connection. And in university I was very much busy with my academic activities. I had a lot of exams and the LFE report. LFE report takes a lot of time to end and also it create pressure on my head. At last I with my group members submitted it on Tuesday. I am starting learning cakePhp with the help of a book. I think that, this book is very helpful for the beginners of cakePhp learner. You can also try learning this by using this book. The name of this book is CakePHP Application Development. I wish to write something later on LFE and also cakePhp.

How I come to web development

Actually I am a student of ETE and after doing two years I found that, it is a very narrow field. That’s why it’s become difficult to get any job for me as an unconfident guy. I like to do experimental work based on that work in where I can see the output also. I n this field I found some topic but I also found that there is no real output. I became frustated, but I like to do that kind of work. After few months of frustating I saw a notice on the notice board which was on E-learning. I talk with the instructor of that course and said that I am interested on it. The instructor was khalid bhai. Then in the first he came with other person Jewel bhai. I thought there I learn to do research work but there I they said that you also need to learn web development for this. I get some curiosity before on it and practically I saw that the output of this work come just at the same time. Actually what I want..But unfortunately I can’t able to continue the work because the time was very odd. Actually I have to go for the tutionship at that time. But I had the curiosity. I just wait for the way how to learn the web development. After a few months I heard from Avijit that, jewel bhai needs some people for a project. I came and joined with him and step by step still I learning it.

First Semester in IUB (Autumn,2005)

I admitted in IUB at Autumn,2005. That semester I took 9 credits, that means 3 courses. The courses are ENG 101, ENG102 and MAT102. Within this three courses I only feel comfortable at MAT102 which was taken by Ahmad Mostofa Kamal Sir and other two courses are taken by Sara Zabeen Madam. What I did at those class…….

ENG101: This course is a preliminary course for every new student and the title of this course is English speaking and listening. There we were around 30 students and unfortunately most of students background was English Medium. Normally as a student of bangla medium and also as an introvert guy I all time feel shy to speaking whether my listening was quite ok. But overall my class performance was very bad. And as a result I got a bad grade. The only people whose I know now avijit who did this course with me.

ENG102: The title of this course is English Reading Skill. In this course I didn’t had to participate a lot and the performance of this course was not that much bad as Eng101. But here to get a good I bought a lot of magazine. But I didn’t understand anyone of that:(. And still I am trying to read those magazines and still I don’t understand these. I am not a good reader in English.

MAT102:The only course which I enjoyed a lot, taken by a very smart instructor which already I mentioned. When we did his course we heard his political life beside the Math.. That was really amusing us. After completing his course I knew that he is a writer and I still thinking how a science student writes story. By the I also got a good grade in this course. And the classmates of this course are my best friends in university. The people who did this course with me are Tomal, Kamruzzaman, Sheriff, Parvez, Shudha..

CSC 205, Programming Concept :)

In engineering building of IUB there is myth that if you passed the course CSC205 then it can be say that you get the graduation certificate. Yes, CSC 205 is the most harder course for the engineering students according to the students. I also frightened on this course before I did it. I all time tensed about it. Last semester I took the course. Around 30 students enrolled that course. But for the pressure of this course most of the students drop and withdraw this course. I didn’t drop this course. Actually I was confident that I shouldn’t fail on this course. Teaching style of this course was very good. The instructor was Dr. Ali Shihab Sabbir. He has a motto that, if want to pass this course you must know something. Every instructor has this motto also. But after passing those course I forgot everything. I don’t know why this is happened? But I remember everything of this course(CSC 205) after completing this course. I did the programming regularly, but I didn’t ever expect that I will get an ‘A’ on this course. But astonishingly I got that. Actually sir said that if anyone got 90% in final he will give him an ‘A’. I got 90% in final and I got A. In that semester 4 students got ‘A’. Most probably this is not happened before under this instructor in IUB . ‘A’  is in 80% and my average was 77%. Luckily I got ‘A’  in that course for gaining 90% in final. Hah….I became hero in my friend circle….:D

How I am in IUB???

Actually I didn’t ever thinking that, I would be in a private university. Because my families financial condition is not that much fruitful .But the true is that now I am in a top class private university in Bangladesh. Actually I admitted in this university without any preparation. I was a confused man like my father and now may be little bit less. Ok, the thing is that, before this university I admitted one more university, Jagannath University and I passed the admission in SUST. But I didn’t allow to admit there, because that is outside of Dhaka and then I admitted in Jagannath University in major of Chemistry. I also attend the class there about two months. I enjoyed the class there, but suddenly one day my maternal said that,”Do heard about Independent University, Bangladesh(IUB)”. I said,”no”. He said that, try to find out that university and take some informations about that. But the true is that, I didn’t able to find out that university. No one knows this university. Yes, it is true. The officials of IUB alltime say that, is one of the leading universities of Bangladesh, but still it is difficult to find where is IUB?? Back to the main topic, then my uncle gave a card of his friend who works in IUB. In card I saw that, it situated in Baridhara. I again became frustrated that, I didn’t know Baridhara. After a few days, my father had come dhaka for his official work and uncle said my father to saw the university. I first came IUB with my father and astonishingly he bought a form for me. I filled it and after two days I took part in admission eaxam. I passed the exam and after the publication of the result there also happened big history. May be that I shall write in another post. Then I admitted in IUB. I would like thank God that, I am still continuing my study in this expensive University..