Retrieve lost password in joomla :)

Last day I got a site which is joomla based but i didn’t get the password. They said it that, they would give the result a few days later. Except the joomla admin  password I got everything. So I think to do some tiktak with this thing ;). I downloaded all the contents in my localhost with database. And then start googling. After googling, I found out that, Joomla using MD5 encryption technique. That means, the password which you have given is converted to MD5 result. Then I am looking for a MD5 generator. There’s a lot of MD5 generator is available in website. One of the best site is From here I generate my own password in MD5 format. Next I went to the database’s jos_users table. There I changed the password in respective user. And what I saw, it works excellently. Before doing this have a backup of your database for safety purpose.


A day with PhpXperts

phpXpert Last Saterday(16.05.2009) a seminar was organized by the group phpXperts, which is the most popular technical group in Bangladesh. This group is for the web developers and also who are interested in web developing. This time the title of the seminar was “Recent Development Trends” and a lot of curious experts attended there. I am also little bit curious on the web development and that’s why I attend there. There eight lectures was presented and some of them I liked. Actually I liked the first three presentations. I think other presentations are little bit upper level than me. The first presentations was on “How to become a ninja in Php”. That means how to become good developer in php programming. This title was presented by Emran bhai and the total presentation was easy to catch and very helpful for the new developers. Second presentation topic was “Facebook Application Development” and presented by Junal bhai. It is also very easier to get. Actually his slides are very easy to get and from there I got that facebook application development is not harder. Third one is on the “jquery”. Before this presentation I thought that jquery is very hard to catch. But the presentation style of Anis bhai and his slides made it very easier to the experts. The another topic I understood, “How to become a ZCE” presented by Mahmud bhai. But I Hasin bhai make me frustated. His topic is too much higher level to understand me. But some of the information he gave was interesting to me. For example, a google buy 0.5 million server per year, facebook has more than 200 million user etc. The other topics I didn’t felt any interesting thing. Security is one topic, but I don’t think about it :P. Another one is on Ecommerce, this one I also didn’t feel any interest and another is on Quality. I think that, no enjoyed it :D. It was already declared there :P.

phpxperts of bangladesh
By the way, whatever learned by attending there,  seminar that is main thing and meet with experts of Bangladesh. Wish this kind of event will held regularly.

I am back

After a big gap, I am writing on this. Actually this gap is started from when I lost my internet connection in home 😦 . I am using prepaid dial up connection. And in university I was very much busy with my academic activities. I had a lot of exams and the LFE report. LFE report takes a lot of time to end and also it create pressure on my head. At last I with my group members submitted it on Tuesday. I am starting learning cakePhp with the help of a book. I think that, this book is very helpful for the beginners of cakePhp learner. You can also try learning this by using this book. The name of this book is CakePHP Application Development. I wish to write something later on LFE and also cakePhp.