Waitng to see the BCS exam

BCS is the topmost exam for government service. This it will held on tomorrow and I am eagerly waiting about this exam. I didn’t ever feel interest on this exam but this time i feel a bit interest on it. A lot of my friends and relatives are attending this time on this examination. Last few years I heard that it is very difficult to get the government job in Bangladesh and specially for the BCS. This is the time to analyze how difficult it is from them. After this years I am also interested to attend in the BCS exam next time :).


Retrieve lost password in joomla :)

Last day I got a site which is joomla based but i didn’t get the password. They said it that, they would give the result a few days later. Except the joomla admin  password I got everything. So I think to do some tiktak with this thing ;). I downloaded all the contents in my localhost with database. And then start googling. After googling, I found out that, Joomla using MD5 encryption technique. That means, the password which you have given is converted to MD5 result. Then I am looking for a MD5 generator. There’s a lot of MD5 generator is available in website. One of the best site is http://pajhome.org.uk/crypt/md5/. From here I generate my own password in MD5 format. Next I went to the database’s jos_users table. There I changed the password in respective user. And what I saw, it works excellently. Before doing this have a backup of your database for safety purpose.

একটি নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি ও দুর্নীতি দমন কমিশনের ওয়েব সাইট

গত বুধবার আমার এক আত্মীয় বললো যে, ” দুর্নীতি দমন কমিশনের একটি নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি প্রকাশিত হয়েছে এবং যার বিস্তারিত দেওয়া আছে দুর্নীতি দমন কমিশনের ওয়েব সাইটে।” তো তার কথামতো আমি দুর্নীতি দমন কমিশনের ওয়েব সাইটে ঢুকার চেস্টা করিতে লাগিলাম। সে এক এলাহি কারবার….. খুলতেই সময় নিলো ১০-১৫ মিনিট। যাক শেষ পর্যন্ত যে ঢুকতে পারছি এই জন্যে শুকরিয়া জানালাম। কিন্তু একি..:-/ নিয়োগের ব্যাপারে কিছুই লেখা নেই। যাক ভেবেনিলাম সরকারি অফিস একটু দেরি হবে মনে হয় আগামীকাল পাবো। কিন্তু তারপর দিনও একই অবস্থা। আজ শনিবার ….চার দিন হলো বিজ্ঞপ্তি দেওয়া হয়েছে কিন্তু কিভাবে আবেদন করতে হবে তার বিস্তারিত নাই। এটা তো খুব বেশি কোন কাজ না। এই ব্যাপারগুলো আমাদের সরকারি অফিসাররা কবে বুঝবে। ও আরেকটা কথা, আমি যেটা দেখতে পেলাম….মূল ওয়েব সাইটের সাথে ডেটাবেজ ফেইল দেখাচ্ছে। আশা করি আগামীকালকের মধ্যে সাইটটি সচল দেখতে পাবো।

বিজ্ঞপ্তিটির লিংক  http://eprothomalo.com/index.php?opt=view&page=27&date=2010-05-05

দুর্নীতি দমন কমিশনের ওয়েব সাইট  http://acc.org.bd/

First Day Experience when time is one hour ahead

Today was the first day on DST timing system. It was little bit confusing for the people of Bangladesh. Today I walk up at 07:00 o’clock and when I saw the outside I felt that it is not that much shiny here. After a few times remembered that it is 1 hour ahead now. At 10:00 I again forgot and felt that, the sun is not that much shiny today and again when got that I thought that, it would be pretty difficult to adjust with this. Main interesting thing was happened on my lunch time. Normally I take my at 14:00 hours when I am in home. But accordingly to new system the time would be 15:00. But I can’t able to wait till that time :D. That means I took my lunch at 14:15. The prayer time has increased one hour also. But I heard the azan of ASAR at 17:00, which done mistacally by the Muazzin. Lastly, I feel the when the sun sets it was 20:00 hours and I was thinking, “how is it possible at 18:00 it just sun sets?” Today I went to Kamalapur for taking an important document of me, which was coming by the train. The right time of the train is 20:00 hours and normally it arrives 20:30 hours and according to the new DST system it also supposed to be reached at that time. But it has come 21:30, may be the railway is following the old time :O . I am a type of boy who follows early to bed and early to rise. Normally I go to bed at 10:00-11:00pm. It is now 11:00 pm and still I don’t feel that much sleep on my eye. At last, I would like to say that, I am supporting this system very much, because it is good for my type people who follows early to bed and early to rise ;).

Instruction of using BTCL dial up internet service..

I am using dial up internet service since 2007 and for that I used internet cards and these are provided by different ISPs. Yesterday I went to BTCL Maghbazar office and there I found that they provided a type of dial up service which is very friendly for the user I think. Here I give the details for using the BTCL dial up internet service.
BTCL has two type of internet service.

  1. Standard Service
  2. Premium Service

Here the details…..

Standard Service: For using this internet people have to fill up a form like all government office. This is very traditional and disturbing. I don’t support to use this internet service.

Rates: 40 paisa/min (peak hour)
30 paisa/min (offpeak hour)
and for every hit it takes 1.5 taka

The main interesting thing is that, for this internet service BTCL provide another bill which is not included with telephone bill.

Premium Service: This is the best dial up internet  service I think. Just put the hunting number , user name, password and you are connected… And you don’t need to registered. In other hand, I think it is cheaper than other dial up services. So at first let see the rates..

Rates: 15 paisa/min (peak hour -08am-08pm)
10 paisa/min (off peak hour-08pm-08am and govt.  holiday)
and no money reduction for every hit.

And now let go to the main place how to connected in this internet service…

Access (Hunting) Code:  0101234,  Username: btcl,  Password: btcl

These are all about the connectivity of BTCL dial up service..

Be sure that for this connection you need to have a modem..

May be I am starting Bangla Blogging…

Yesterday I have attended a program which was organized by prothom-aloblog. That was a very interesting program I think. I am little bit introvert type of guy and don’t want to talk by myself with other’s. And here I feel that everyone talks with everyone even me also. This event organized for giving the gift to story and poem writter and another part is for the book summary. One of my friends Sheriff Al Sire got a prize in the story writing event and for this reason I went there. I met with a lot of Bangla bloggers there and everyone feel proud that they are blogger :D. In introducing part everyone said their name, blogging name and their occupation. And the astonished thing is that, everyone know each other by their blogging name which is not possible in wordpress. This is a big community and it is appreciable. Unfortunately, I don’t have any account in prothom-aloblog, that’s why I couldn’t able to gave my blog name. But I like this community and that’s why think I shall open an account in prothom-aloblog.

prothom alo auditorium

What Banglalink is actually doing….

banglalinkI am a regular Banglalink sim user, that means I alltime using Banglalink since 2007. But recently some of there decision make me astonished or I am little bit confused that what they are doing? I realized that, recently the call rate is become higher than ago. Some of there work make me angry also. For example, Banglalink has a monthly bonus based on callback on that phone and that bonus minutes are only usable for the other operators only. But few months ago, I realized that it doesn’t work for the other operator’s and it only work for the this network only. And they did this work without any announcement. Now, in this month I am seeing that, the bonus minutes don’t come yet and I think that this will not come. Because they are doing this kind of things before without announcement. And now my question is that, how they can do this kind of change by avoiding the valuable customer(according to them)? I see that, they send the messages to every customer when they create a new offer, but they don’t need to send any messages to the customer for any change. As customer, I must need to know what change will be there. They made big big add for new offer, they care the customers. But the real word is that, this all are show up…and fake…