Celebration of Pohela Boishakh in a suburb

Actually this is too much late for writing this kind of topic. But I have to write it because I found it different from other time. This year in pohela boishakh I was in my home Dewangonj,  Jamalpur and I found that it changed there on celebration of pohela boishakh. It is celebrated everywhere, but in different way.

I came Dhaka at 2004 from my place. Before 2004 I didn’t find any celebration to the people. Just only a rally was organized by Zeal Bangla Sugar Mills High School. But now, in this year I found that everyone is enjoying the Pohela Boishakh. From bazar I informed that, there sells rate is over that any puja or eid this time. It become pretty defficult for a person to stay out from the home in that morning, because of the spreading of the color. In every corner of the road the boys were waiting for spreading it. But in afternoon the day change to other color. The girls come from home and everyone wore the boishakhi sharee which didn’t ever seen like this way in my area.

At last it can be said that, Boishakhi Utshab is becoming the part of every bangladeshis. Whatever I saw this time that, it is celebrated more than the eid or puja. How is it spreading like this way. Is it for the terrorism? Yes, I think this one is a silent attack for the terrorism. Live long Pohela Boishakh like this way……………


Bangla Utshab

Bangla Utshab

First time in Independent University,Bangladesh(IUB) celebrated Bangla Utshab organized by Club of Engineering and Computer Science(CECS). IUB is a private and also an English medium university. According to the people’s of Bangladesh, they think that private university students follow the western culture and they avoid the bangla culture. In other hands, people think that, engineers are not creative and they don’t have any connection with the world without educational purposes. Both of these two sides we want to prove that, private university students all time follow the bangla culture and engineers are creative. This program is totally bangla program and all the words will be use in bangla. We have a lot of events here and think that most interesting thing will be the funny debate, drama.For update about the program please visit here .

The event will be held on 5th April, 2009 Sunday.

Venue: Ground Floor(C-8),
School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS),
Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)
Road: 14/2-A, Baridhara North Road,
Baridhara, Dhaka.

This program is organized by
Club of Engineering and Computer Science