Waitng to see the BCS exam

BCS is the topmost exam for government service. This it will held on tomorrow and I am eagerly waiting about this exam. I didn’t ever feel interest on this exam but this time i feel a bit interest on it. A lot of my friends and relatives are attending this time on this examination. Last few years I heard that it is very difficult to get the government job in Bangladesh and specially for the BCS. This is the time to analyze how difficult it is from them. After this years I am also interested to attend in the BCS exam next time :).


First Day Experience when time is one hour ahead

Today was the first day on DST timing system. It was little bit confusing for the people of Bangladesh. Today I walk up at 07:00 o’clock and when I saw the outside I felt that it is not that much shiny here. After a few times remembered that it is 1 hour ahead now. At 10:00 I again forgot and felt that, the sun is not that much shiny today and again when got that I thought that, it would be pretty difficult to adjust with this. Main interesting thing was happened on my lunch time. Normally I take my at 14:00 hours when I am in home. But accordingly to new system the time would be 15:00. But I can’t able to wait till that time :D. That means I took my lunch at 14:15. The prayer time has increased one hour also. But I heard the azan of ASAR at 17:00, which done mistacally by the Muazzin. Lastly, I feel the when the sun sets it was 20:00 hours and I was thinking, “how is it possible at 18:00 it just sun sets?” Today I went to Kamalapur for taking an important document of me, which was coming by the train. The right time of the train is 20:00 hours and normally it arrives 20:30 hours and according to the new DST system it also supposed to be reached at that time. But it has come 21:30, may be the railway is following the old time :O . I am a type of boy who follows early to bed and early to rise. Normally I go to bed at 10:00-11:00pm. It is now 11:00 pm and still I don’t feel that much sleep on my eye. At last, I would like to say that, I am supporting this system very much, because it is good for my type people who follows early to bed and early to rise ;).

Instruction of using BTCL dial up internet service..

I am using dial up internet service since 2007 and for that I used internet cards and these are provided by different ISPs. Yesterday I went to BTCL Maghbazar office and there I found that they provided a type of dial up service which is very friendly for the user I think. Here I give the details for using the BTCL dial up internet service.
BTCL has two type of internet service.

  1. Standard Service
  2. Premium Service

Here the details…..

Standard Service: For using this internet people have to fill up a form like all government office. This is very traditional and disturbing. I don’t support to use this internet service.

Rates: 40 paisa/min (peak hour)
30 paisa/min (offpeak hour)
and for every hit it takes 1.5 taka

The main interesting thing is that, for this internet service BTCL provide another bill which is not included with telephone bill.

Premium Service: This is the best dial up internet  service I think. Just put the hunting number , user name, password and you are connected… And you don’t need to registered. In other hand, I think it is cheaper than other dial up services. So at first let see the rates..

Rates: 15 paisa/min (peak hour -08am-08pm)
10 paisa/min (off peak hour-08pm-08am and govt.  holiday)
and no money reduction for every hit.

And now let go to the main place how to connected in this internet service…

Access (Hunting) Code:  0101234,  Username: btcl,  Password: btcl

These are all about the connectivity of BTCL dial up service..

Be sure that for this connection you need to have a modem..

Tour of unknown archeological places of Bangladesh

Last month(April 17,2009) I with a lot of senior and junior friends of IUB Engineering Department went for an outing. We went to two Jamidar Bari(Landlord Palace) and these are  Baliadi Palace and another is Pakutia. These are very unknown archeological places of Bangladesh. And the information of these hidden places, we got from our Director of School of Engineering and Computer Science(SECS) Dr. Maohammed Anwer. Actually he organized this outing and also work as a guide of this tour.

  • Baliadi Palace

This palace is situated in Baliadi under Saturia thana in Manikgonj. It is a very specticular place. Actually it is difficult to find these kind of place at this kind of place. This place is consist of seven buildings and the structure of  these buildings are amusing and it has a pond which has seven ghats, that’s why the name of this pond is satghata dighi. Actually the history was in that palace seven brothers lived and for that it has seven buildings and for their wives they made the pond which had seven ghats. This place is now is taken by archeological department and they take care of it..

  • Pakutia Jamidarbari

Now it is used as a college. The name of this college is Pakutia BCRG Degree College. It is 8km away of Baliadi palace and situated in Tangail :O. The structure of this palace is also good. It has a big field and we played different types of games there.

These outing is arranged for having a good program organized by CECS which is called Bangla Utshab. After having a lot of masti in whole days, we back to home at the evening. I must thank those for whose the Bangla Utshab successfully completed and thanks to Anwer Sir to organize this different types of tour.

Photocredits goes to Shishir, Farhat, Nafisa..

Bangla Utshab

Bangla Utshab

First time in Independent University,Bangladesh(IUB) celebrated Bangla Utshab organized by Club of Engineering and Computer Science(CECS). IUB is a private and also an English medium university. According to the people’s of Bangladesh, they think that private university students follow the western culture and they avoid the bangla culture. In other hands, people think that, engineers are not creative and they don’t have any connection with the world without educational purposes. Both of these two sides we want to prove that, private university students all time follow the bangla culture and engineers are creative. This program is totally bangla program and all the words will be use in bangla. We have a lot of events here and think that most interesting thing will be the funny debate, drama.For update about the program please visit here .

The event will be held on 5th April, 2009 Sunday.

Venue: Ground Floor(C-8),
School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS),
Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)
Road: 14/2-A, Baridhara North Road,
Baridhara, Dhaka.

This program is organized by
Club of Engineering and Computer Science

Problems In Kamalapur Railway Station

My hometown is Dewangonj and it situated a little bit northside from the district Jamalpur. The only convenient transportation is the train to reach that place. So I have to to the Kamalapur Railway Station for many reasons occasionally. I have found some problems of this station and the problems are different for different needs.

  • If I want to buy the tickets…The problems are…

1. Que line: For buying the ticket we have to follow a line and in this station the structure of lining is pretty good I think. In front of every ticket counter there is a barricade which means , in one side you enter for buying ticket and after buying the ticket you go out by other side. But the problem is peoples don’t follow this rule and they stand the line in both sides for buying the ticket. At last, it make a horrible situation. Every times, when I go for buying the tickets I don’t feel that much well for this situation. So, my suggestion to the railway officials to allocate some people to follow this rule.
2.Money Back: This is one of the big problems in this station. If you go for buying the tickets please take the same amount of money. If you the note then it creates a lot of problem to money back. For example, the last day when I bought the ticket I found that it costs tk.620 and I have only 1000 tk note. Then, the counterman wanted 20tk, that’s why he gave me 400tk. But unfortunately I didn’t have that and he refused me to give the tickets. For the twenty taka I had to buy a magazine which also cost twenty taka and the hawker able to gave back the money. In Bangladesh without this kind of government origination’s if you buy something which costs 620tk and I am 100% sure you will get back the money.
3. Service: Sometimes I saw that, ticket sellers behavior is not appropriate with the customer.

Kamlapur Railway Station

  • If I go to receive someone…

Here the main problem is the timing. Every train has the schedule to arrive at the station. But there I found that, most of the time, the timing is not perfect and there is no very good information center from where may I get the timing. I have some experience that, where the right time is 8:30 P.M. and it reaches 12:30 a.m.

My suggestion to the railway department is

Make a web based solution team where people can buy the ticket from website beside the counter. For the timing it changed time to time. For the information, make a information center like call center. Beside this for the information in website add a link like live chat option with the railway official. For DIGITAL BANGLADESH all time we want to see everything in digital. Government can start it by the railway division by following these rules.                                                                Photo Curtesy: panoramio.com

Interesting Groups In Facebook

Since 2007 I am a member of facebook. By this time actually I play fighter jets a lot. I really use this social network for spreading an event of us SECS OPEN DAYZ . This was occurred in August, 2008.
I also found some interesting groups in facebook. One of them is sad but true. Here I found a lot of images and all the image shown the mistakes of our daily life like the name “SAD BUT TRUE”. This group became famous. Some times I saw some of the popular magazines of Bangladesh take pictures from here to show some criticism of Bangladeshi culture.sad but true You find lot of this kind of pictures from here :P.

Another Group is DHAKA – 400 years History in Photographs. It has a lot of rare collection photos of Dhaka. if you see this kind of photos you may be become astonished by thinking that how Dhaka was and now it is.dacca-old-airport This is the image Dhaka old airport. If you interested on this kind of image and history go to this site.