CSC 205, Programming Concept :)

In engineering building of IUB there is myth that if you passed the course CSC205 then it can be say that you get the graduation certificate. Yes, CSC 205 is the most harder course for the engineering students according to the students. I also frightened on this course before I did it. I all time tensed about it. Last semester I took the course. Around 30 students enrolled that course. But for the pressure of this course most of the students drop and withdraw this course. I didn’t drop this course. Actually I was confident that I shouldn’t fail on this course. Teaching style of this course was very good. The instructor was Dr. Ali Shihab Sabbir. He has a motto that, if want to pass this course you must know something. Every instructor has this motto also. But after passing those course I forgot everything. I don’t know why this is happened? But I remember everything of this course(CSC 205) after completing this course. I did the programming regularly, but I didn’t ever expect that I will get an ‘A’ on this course. But astonishingly I got that. Actually sir said that if anyone got 90% in final he will give him an ‘A’. I got 90% in final and I got A. In that semester 4 students got ‘A’. Most probably this is not happened before under this instructor in IUB . ‘A’  is in 80% and my average was 77%. Luckily I got ‘A’  in that course for gaining 90% in final. Hah….I became hero in my friend circle….:D


Registrar’s office IUB is worse than the government office

Today I had a work at IUB registrar’s office and there I found that it is worse than the so called Bangladeshi government office. I went there at 10:00 for a sign of registrar. I didn’t update my due money from accounts and for updating this I need his sign and we are not allowed to directly enter the registrar’s room. For signing it I met with the assigned official. He said that it is not possible and after that he didn’t give any response on me. When I asked him that if it is possible in any how please give the way. Though I didn’t get any response. After waiting an hour he took my papers and sent it to the registrar for signing. Actually the thing is that, he can do it that time when I went to him or said that come later. But he wastes around 1 hour from me. And that is the real situation of registrar’s office. It takes a huge time for simple work. As in global world everything become faster but registrar’s offices working is still same from when I am in university. I think that high official IUB will think about this.