Facebook statistics :: Bangladesh

Last few days I was doing a work based on facebook users. And there I found some interesting results from facebook such as total facebook user is more than internet user etc. I have decided to write something about this findings. At first I would like to say the total internet user in Bangladesh. According to ITU Bangladesh has 617300 internet users till July, 2010. But interestingly I have found that the number of facebook user is more than the total internet user in Bangladesh. The total facebook user in Bangladesh is 1,020,560, which is 165% higher than the internet user. That means every internet connection has 1.6 facebook user. Ok, let me see the total overview of my findings. Be sure that all the statistics are based on Bangladesh.

Total facebook user : 1,020,560

Number of male user: 749,320(73.42%)

Number of female user: 260,660(25.54%)

Relationship Status :



In a relationship-58,880


Education status:

University graduate-199,860

At university-19,120

At secondary school-6,400

User’s based on age

Age user Percentage
13-17 99,400 9.739751
18-24 507,080 49.68645
25-30 257,980 25.27828
31-45 135,320 13.25939
46-55 12,160 1.191503
56 up 4,000 0.391942

This all about what I have done. You can easily understand from the above statistics that, peoples here aren’t interested to fill about their educational status and also the relationship status. But about the users age ranking it is pretty clear that every thing is correct because facebook couldn’t allow user without age and also gender. So facebook should also be  strict for educational and relationship status. All the datas are collected from facebook.  Ting ting 😉