Facebook Application Development in Bangladesh

Now day’s facebook applications are becoming a vital role for the marketing of every company. Here, current scenario and previous status of facebook application described. Well, the whole writeup is based on my opinion and thinking, there won’t be any research. So, if you find any mistake or wrong please inform me, I will try to fix it. This article divided into two parts, in first part it is written what I have seen and second part my experience.

I am using facebook since 2007. At 2008 I have seen two of my senior brothers are working on facebook. I didn’t know how to work on facebook? Later, I got them that, they were working on lux channel I facebook application. Probably, this was the first facebook campaign in Bangladesh for any brand. Unilever was also happy about that type of marketing. Out of that two brothers, one was working in a multinational software firm called trippert labs and their main work was to create facebook application. That made me amused and I thought, it would be the next market place in the world or even in Bangladesh. Yes, it becomes true.

Now I am going to share my experience with facebook applications. In 2008, I saw lux channel I facebook application, after that Qubee initiated some facebook application. I don’t remember what type of applications were those? In 2011, on emergency basis I got a call form an agency to create application for unilever. January 2011 I have created 3-4 applications in a row with the help of my senior brother. The experiences of those are huge. My development starts with facebook builds iframe app and interestingly I didn’t need to do the code that time. Just changing the images and using some custom command of facebook in setup. That worked more than enough. Later at the mid of 2011, I started building app with using sdk’s. At that time, in 2011 person likes I was working as freelancer on this field. Later on that year, I have involved with WEBPERS to learn new technologies. And from that time to till now I have the experience to develop more than 70 facebook applications for Bangladeshi clients. In 2014, lots of developers are working on facebook application. Based on 2014’s role, I assume near about 100 applications are developed. And some of good agencies are also started whose are working on facebook marketing. Obviously, facebook application development is a part of facebook marketing. New clients are introducing themselves in facebook and for visibility, they are creating new type of applications and opportunities of facebook app developers are increasing. Era of digital marketing is started and demand of facebook application also hyped with other digital marketing components.

My new website

I have started my blogging from January 1, 2011 in my own hosted website @ http://shaonisdreaming.com . And this time I shall plan to have some excited info on there. Already I have started writings on some delicious foods of Bangladesh and will be some other about Bangladesh. I plan to add some my new experience in technology related. SO please check me at my own website on http://shaonisdreaming.com

বৃষ্টিময় ঈদের সারাদিন

অন্যান্য বারের মতো এবারও আমি ঈদ করার জন্য আমার দেশের বাড়ি দেওয়ানগঞ্জ গিয়েছিলাম।বলতে গেলে সবই ঠিক ছিলো। বন্ধুদের সাথে আড্ডাবাজি ভালোই চলছিল। হঠাৎ করে ঈদ এর আগের দিন রাতে মেঘের ঘনঘটা দেখে তাড়াতাড়ি আড্ডাবাজি শেষ করে বাসায় চলে এসেছিলাম।মধ্যরাত থেকে যে বৃষ্টি শুরু হলো। আমি চিন্তা করলাম ভালোই হলো ঘুম ভাল হবে। কিন্তু সকালে উঠে দেখি তুমুল বৃষ্টি। আমি সারাজীবন দেখে এসেছি যে ঈদের দিন সকালে বৃষ্টি হয় কিন্তু তা ঈদের নামাজের আগেই শেষ হয়ে যায়। এই প্রথম আমি দেখলাম যে বৃষ্টি শেষ হচ্ছে না। নামাজ পড়া হলো মাঠের বদলে মসজিদে। সেই বৃষ্টি চললো ঈদের সারাটি দিন। শেষ হলো সন্ধ্যার পরে। ঈদের দিনের আমেজ চোখে না পড়লেও রাতে কিন্তু ভালোই জমেছিল। বৃষ্টি হলেও ঈদটা স্মরণীয় হয়ে থাকবে এই বৃষ্টির জন্য।

Facebook statistics :: Bangladesh

Last few days I was doing a work based on facebook users. And there I found some interesting results from facebook such as total facebook user is more than internet user etc. I have decided to write something about this findings. At first I would like to say the total internet user in Bangladesh. According to ITU Bangladesh has 617300 internet users till July, 2010. But interestingly I have found that the number of facebook user is more than the total internet user in Bangladesh. The total facebook user in Bangladesh is 1,020,560, which is 165% higher than the internet user. That means every internet connection has 1.6 facebook user. Ok, let me see the total overview of my findings. Be sure that all the statistics are based on Bangladesh.

Total facebook user : 1,020,560

Number of male user: 749,320(73.42%)

Number of female user: 260,660(25.54%)

Relationship Status :



In a relationship-58,880


Education status:

University graduate-199,860

At university-19,120

At secondary school-6,400

User’s based on age

Age user Percentage
13-17 99,400 9.739751
18-24 507,080 49.68645
25-30 257,980 25.27828
31-45 135,320 13.25939
46-55 12,160 1.191503
56 up 4,000 0.391942

This all about what I have done. You can easily understand from the above statistics that, peoples here aren’t interested to fill about their educational status and also the relationship status. But about the users age ranking it is pretty clear that every thing is correct because facebook couldn’t allow user without age and also gender. So facebook should also be  strict for educational and relationship status. All the datas are collected from facebook.  Ting ting 😉

Experience @ HSBC’s Shantinagar Booth

Recently I have pushed to create an account at HSBC from my office. Actually I didn’t want to create the account because of its few branch and booth in Dhaka city. I love DBBL more than that for its ATM booths. Now I want to compare this two banks. I have created my DBBL account about two years ago. All time I withdraw my money from DBBL booths. It is very heard that I found machine of DBBL is not working or don’t have the money. I don’t want to say that DBBL doesn’t have this type of problem. Yes, they have the problem, but you can find another booth within 10 minutes of walking. In comparison, I have found HSBC is a problem. I want to say what is the problem is actually is? 25 th of last mont(25 th JULY)h I went to ATM booth of Shantinagar branch at 5:00 PM and found that it is not working. I phoned to the responsible number and no one received that call. After waiting two hours I again went there and found same problem again. Next experience is that, I went that booth again yesterday (24th August) and found same problem again. This is really the harassment for the client. Because the other booths are situated in Motijheel and Banassree, which I think too much far from Shantinagar. This is actually HSBC’s performance. Please HSBC  try to increase your booths and give us a good service. I didn’t expect this type of performance from HSBC Bangladesh.

Search Engine optimization and my thinking

Last few days i met with some peoples for web development. They are wanted the web sites and another things they are expected to get. Everyone said my site is now not showing in the first page or not showing in the first position. Huh..everyone interested on it. Now i need to know why peoples want it on the upper rank. Peoples are becoming lazy day by day and technical also. They want everything in the world internet and don’t want to go other places for the information. I think this is the one of the reasons. Can you please what are the other reasons??

I am already started on it. Go for SEO..

Feelings after buying new laptop

One of my dreams is to own a laptop and the dreams become true. I bought the laptop on 27th July. Basically I didn’t do anything with this till now except burning the DVD’s. After bought the laptop the thing what happened is I burned all the data’s from my desktop. Now the hard disk of my desktop is empty and ready to become a toy ;). I am going to use it for my RnD purpose.  What I bought actually. I bought ACER ASPIRE 4745 whose processor is i3, 2 GB DDR3 RAM and 250 Harddrive. I would like add a capture of my laptop but I don’t get any camera :(. But I can add my image from my laptop’s webcam :P. See how I am